Digital termination of rental agreement

The interactive template for the flat termination letter. End your tenancy agreement step by step.

Create termination notice

Whether you want to terminate your flat tenancy on or before the due date, a written letter of termination is obligatory in Switzerland. With our interactive template, this can be created in just a few minutes.

Your benefits:

Step by step
Terminate your tenancy agreement easily and conveniently.
Comply with the formal requirements
Enter all details correctly and don't forget any information.
Individually customizable
Can also be used for the extraordinary termination.

Create digital notice of termination in under 5 minutes

Enter all rental objects (flat, parking space, etc.) that you want to terminate.
Suggest viewing appointments and optionally enter potential new tenants.
Print the digital termination letter, sign it and send by post to your administration or landlord.
In order for the termination notice to be legally valid, you need to sign it and send it by post to your administration or landlord.
Tip: We recommend sending the letter by registered mail.


The exact period of notice is stated in your tenancy agreement. If nothing is stated there, the statutory periods of notice apply. However, the notice periods for flats in Switzerland are at least three months and can usually always be terminated at the end of a month (except December).

Example: Today is 14 May. You have found a new flat for 1 September. If the letter of termination is received by the administration by 31 May, you can terminate your tenancy with three months' notice as of 31 August.

In Switzerland, it is mandatory to give notice of termination of a flat in writing in order to be legally valid. We recommend:
Print out the letter of termination and sign it. If there are several parties to the tenancy agreement, have them sign it as well. Send the notice of termination preferably by registered mail to your administration.In order to comply with the notice period, the termination letter must be received by the administration at least one business day before the start of the notice period. The date of receipt counts, not the postmark.

You can also terminate the tenancy agreement on a date that does not correspond to the contractual deadlines.

Note that in this case the rent must be paid by the next possible contractual end of the lease. However, you have the option of providing a suitable new tenant. This tenant must take over the tenancy agreement under the same conditions. You prepare the letter of termination in exactly the same way as for a notice of termination in due time. Specify the date you wish to terminate the contract and, if applicable, potential new tenants.