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Protection from liability claims in Switzerland

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Helvetia private liability insurance protects you against liability claims in Switzerland. The insurance covers the legal liability claims of third parties as a result of personal injury, property damage and consequential financial losses.
Insured sum of CHF 5 million
Insured amount

You are insured for a total sum of CHF 5 million. This amount is deliberately high because high costs (e.g. loss of income) can arise from third party claims resulting from personal injury and other consequential damages.

The deductible is CHF 500 per incident. The deductible is the share that you have to pay for each claim.

Legal protection services
Legal protection services

You have access to a basic legal consulting. You benefit from a competent team of experts in the event of legal uncertainties.

Legal advice in all legal disputes by the independent legal service of Coop Rechtsschutz. Should the If the involvement of an external lawyer proves necessary, costs up to a maximum of CHF 1,000 will be covered. You are entitled to one legal advice per calendar year. The claim applies once per case.
Gross negligence waiver
Gross negligence waiver

You are covered in case of damages resulting from your possibly grossly negligent actions.

Excluded from the waiver are events that are causally related to the misuse of drugs, the consumption of alcohol or a speeding offences within the meaning of Art. 90 para. 4 of the Road Traffic Act.

Product Option

Extend your insurance when frequently driving third-party vehicles.
Product Option

Optionally you can insure damages resulting from the frequent of third-party motor vehicles.

The option covers accident-related damages to third-party vehicles worldwide, as well as personal injuries and property damages caused by driving these vehicles. The insured sum for damages to rented vehicles, car-sharing and garage vehicles is limited to CHF 2'500. For example, in the event of a claim, the car rental company's deductible can be reduced by this amount (liability reduction).

Basic insurance includes: Occasional use of third-party cars and delivery vans registered in Switzerland, the Principality of Liechtenstein, the European Union and EFTA countries, mobile homes up to 3.5 t, small motor vehicles and agricultural vehicles up to 3.5 t, motorcycles, mini motorcycles and scooters.

Services included

This insurance includes a comprehensive range of services.
Services included
  • 24/7 assistance: Helvetia provides you with around-the-clock assistance 365 days a year
  • Claims payment within 48h following a successful claims review
  • Psychological follow-up support provided by a qualified doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist after an insured event
  • Organization of door opening service in case you have locked yourself out
  • The following home assistance services are included:
    • Tradesperson services
    • Organization of construction management
    • Removal of wasps', hornets' and bees' nests
    • Organisation of security guard service
    • Immediate measures in the event of technical defects in heating, sanitary, elevator and electrical systems until the damage has been repaired definitively

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Private liability insurance protects you as

A family, because the insurance includes all persons in your household - especially your children
A cyclist who could cause an accident resulting in major damages to persons and vehicles
Somebody who borrowed or rented an item from someone else or from a company
Sportspersons who hit the neighbor's window instead of the goal
An animal owner who is reponsible for the damages caused by his pet
A tenant, in case you damage the apartment/house

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This product is 100% provided by Helvetia, so your damages are covered by one of the most trusted insurances in Switzerland. Flatfox only provides the handling of the order process.

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Further details regarding private liability insurance can also be found in our General Insurance Conditions.